11 Steps to Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Start with a fire 🔥headshot.

Your selfie game is on point! And, your kids are so adorable in that holiday portrait. And, you and your boo are #couplegoals. But, please save those photos for Instagram or Facebook.

Your LinkedIn photo should be a professional headshot featuring you, and only you.

A professional headshot doesn’t have to be boring. Your headshot should project your personality.

If you have the budget, find a great branding photographer. I followed a personal finance author and noticed she had the gorgeous photos for her book launch. I reached out to her photographer and booked my session. The session included several outfit changes and a professional make-up artist. She also took photos with a basic background so my graphic designer could easily use them to design event flyers and social media posts.

During this time, I was also launching my website and business, so it was worth the cost.

Approximate investment: $100 - $1000+

How to get low-cost headshots:

· Conferences may provide free headshots in the vendor area

· Find photographers building their portfolio

· Search social media for student photographers

· Check LinkedIn for professional photographers donating their time due to Covid-19

· Grab an iPhone, ring light, and a friend to get a great shot.

Put on something that makes you feel confident. Take a headshot and several full-body images. When shooting outdoors, my favorite photographer always recommends the golden hour (shortly after sunrise or before sunset) for the best pictures.

2. Craft a headline using keywords

My headline uses to read, “Courageous, confident and creative digital strategist.” It took me weeks to come up with that alliteration. And I loved it. Then, someone at LinkedIn said I should be using keywords that a recruiter would search.

So, I changed it to this:

Social Media Strategist, Listening & Analytics | Employer Branding | Influencer Marketing | Speaker

Lo and behold, recruiters were literally searching my profile the next day.

Avoid using words like “guru” and “ninja”. Guru used to be one of my favorite words. But, it is overused.

3. Education Section

Please do not list your high school on LinkedIn.