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Women Investing Now (WIN) Investment Club is an organization dedicated to helping black women navigate the waters of investing with a group of like-minded, goal-driven "winners" from all walks of life. 

Founded in 2012, Temeka saw a need to help women learn to manage their finances and secure their futures through investing. On the heels of a divorce, the newly single mom started the group with only four members. After a few months, the club ended, but in 2020, WIN returned boasting 19 amazing women ready to win!

Women Investing Now (WIN)

Helping women increase their financial confidence and build a strong financial foundation.


WIN brings together a diverse cohort of women, from attorneys to pastors, to women who are single, divorced, married, and more, with a common goal to grow their knowledge around investing and financial literacy.  Our members work for non-profit organizations, corporate America, and own small businesses.  We are a diverse group of women with varying levels of investment knowledge.  But, the one thing we have in common is our commitment to lifelong learning together.   

Research has shown that black women are at an overall disadvantage when it comes to money, often earning less than their white counterparts and unable to save for retirement. According to Prudential's 2018 Financial Wellness Census ™ Black Americans have $23,000 saved for retirement versus $154,000 for general population households, and only 33% of black Americans own their own homes versus 58% of the general population.  

WIN aims to equal out the playing field and place black women into the driver's seat of the financial future. Together, members learn about the stock market, mutual funds, EFTs, bonds, and other investment vehicles. As a member, you'll attain the necessary skills to create lasting healthy money habits. 

WIN is a safe space for women to talk and learn about money while investing and hitting money goals together.

So, are you ready to win?  

   The WIN Philosophy


Diversify and support at least one company that has a strong female leadership team 


Reinvest all earnings 


Average 14.9% growth rate to double our investment every five years


Hold quality investments for the long term (3 - 5 years)

This is not a solicitation to join WIN.  We are not seeking new members.  This is an informational page only.

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