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How a closet clean-up can bring in the cash

10 steps to help you make make money on Poshmark today!

Last year, I had to admit I had a problem. On more than one occasion, I had purchased two of the same outfits from different boutiques. How did this happen? I have to admit it's simple. I'm a sucker for a good deal. I live for "buy one get one free" and "70% off". My closets were getting out of control, so I decided to try my hand at reselling on Poshmark. I also had to stop shopping. Here are my tips for those who are looking to get started on Poshmark.

Warning! These tips are not for the thrifters (those folks who comb through racks at the Goodwill and Salvation Army for the ultimate bargains). Those require different strategies.

I'm selling my clothes to recoup some of the money I spent and not to make a profit. After all, I've enjoyed the item, and they brought me joy! This allows a new owner to get some joy from my previously loved article of clothing.

  1. Photos: Take well lit photos in an uncluttered background. You may use a beautiful wall, shower curtain, or similar effect to make a stunning background. I think closets who use the same background look cleaner and more professional.

  2. Staging: Be sure to stage your items! I purchased a lovely plus size mannequin from eBay for about $60. You may also have to take photos wearing your items. Sometimes you need a model to show off an intricate piece! Or maybe, you have a pair of pants, and they photograph better when they are folded.

  3. Photos, again. Poshmark allows you to upload eight photos. Take them from various angles, and be sure to highlight any issues like snags or missing zippers.

  4. Pricing: Figure out the price you think the item is worth. If it's Torrid, realize all of us Torrid fans shop there and know you didn't pay full price for the item. Plus, if it's worn, you shouldn't expect folks to pay full price. So, establish your reasonable price and mark it up 10-20% because shoppers like to feel like they are getting a great deal on Poshmark. I mark down things in my closet every month.

  5. Discounts: Poshmark allows you to make private offers with shipping discounts or lower the price for everyone. (Yes, you pay for the shipping discount on Poshmark.)

  6. Bundles: When shopping or selling, bundles are queen. Bundles allow a person to buy multiple items but only pay one shipping price. Currently, shipping is $7.11. So, when purchasing a $5 item or even $20 item, I prefer to bundle and buy multiples. If someone buys a bundle, you'll want to offer a discount (at least, I do.)

  7. Algorithm: List an item every 4-5 days. Poshmark is like every other social networking site and so you’ll want to stay “active”. You’ll also want to share your closet at least 3-4 times per week. The default way to show items in Poshmark is by most recently shared. You’ll also want to share others items, too.

  8. Ship: Ship on time (within 1-2 days) for best results and use the free USPS Priority mailboxes. The USPS is required to accept your package, but realize that some post offices will not accept it if you don’t mail it on the same day as the label was generated. I’ve had my post office return things to me in the mail. Fortunately, I’m close to a regional distribution center and now drop all of my packages there.

  9. Measurements: There are these annoying folks on Posh who ask for measurements. I rarely include measurements unless it’s an off-brand. Otherwise, if you’re a shopper, you know how Lane Bryant clothes fit. I’ve yet to find any person who asks for measurements to buy anything. Not one thing. I reminded a person that I’m not a wholesaler this is not my business. I have no desire to spend a day taking measurements. She wasn’t happy but she was bidding on a $10 Coach wallet. I was going to make $2-$3 bucks after fees. Measure if you like.

  10. Headline: Include the brand, size and color in the description. Repeat it in the description. If the item is still selling in a retailer, you may be able to use the listing for some inspiration to complete your description. Describe your item well including any issues such as piling or even if you have a dog or are a smoker.

These are my beginner tips for getting started on Poshmark! Stay tuned for my next blog giving more advanced tips! In the comments, please share the name of your closet and any suggestions you have for new Poshers.These are my beginner tips for getting started on Poshmark! Stay tuned for my next blog giving more advanced tips! In the comments, please share the name of your closet and any suggestions you have for new Poshers.

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Great advice! I’m about to start snapping pics. I’m not fully understanding the shipping process. Tutorial please for those whose minds are constantly cluttered.

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