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Take this Step to Start Healing from Divorce

I was determined to fix it. After all, God was moving too slow and taking way too long. The reconciliation thing was taking too long. I just needed to make one more phone call to his friends and family. And I truly believed if I could get the pastor of our church to reach out, he would be able to talk some sense into him. I was so busy trying to play the coach, quarterback, and referee.

My grandmother called a flag on the play. She said, "God doesn't need your help. Who do you think you are?". It hit me like a 200-pound linebacker. I was busy trying to help God, and God doesn't need my help. He's all-knowing, ever-present, and mighty. And, He is able.

In practical terms, it means letting go. There's nothing you can do in the natural to turn things around. Only God can change the heart of a man (or woman), and only He can mend a broken heart and do the impossible.

Don't constantly dwell on the situation with your girlfriends (or strangers). Leave it alone. Meditate on the goodness of the Word. Being still means no movement. Trust Him.

I had to learn during this tumultuous time to be still. To still my mind, my heart, and my soul. Sometimes, it's hard to sit still. But, I dare you to trust Him and sit still. Sis, God's got this! I promise you.


Affirmation: I will be still. I find peace in the stillness and quietness.

Scripture: Be still, and know that I am God. (Hebrews 46:10 NIV)

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